Welcome to Green Living Custom Homes (GLCH)

GLCH Approach’s todays building market where the homeowner/investor can build their own home / project at builders cost.
Whether its building your dream home or multi family investment property ,building on your land has never been made more affordable with our process.
Building a home or investment project is not an easy thing to do - it takes years of experience to gain the knowledge. Here at GLCH our team has the experience and the knowledge to guide you from financing all the way through your build.
You will be the general contractor , You will be in control , You will have 100% transparency on where your money goes. Every dollar you spend will go to your project not to general contractors or markups etc . In the past general contractors were actually pouring the concrete , framing , installing windows and doors ect ,these days they have subcontractors they work with which do all of the work . With our unique” Boots On The Ground “process and our vetted vendors and sub-contractor list we put you in the drivers seat . Due to the volume of building we do, we have incredible buying power with our vendors which is passed on to our clients.
You will need to spend a couple hours a day ordering material and communicating with your GLCH sub-contractors, you are building equity being the general contractor.
As you're saving money you decide where you would like to put your equity dollars - higher end fixtures, flooring or perhaps more square house footage - the skies the limit!


Heavy Machinery
There is a lot of heavy machinery involved in the home building process
GLCH will ensure your home has a solid foundation.
Flood Control
Our team is very well versed on building homes with flood control in mind
Your frame is one of the most time consuming aspects of building your home and requires expertise
HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical
GLCHs team works with licensed and skilled plumbers, HVAC and electrical personnel
Our Process
Work with one of our many architects, designers or engineers.

Financing & Budget

We work with a number of banks and mortgage companies to get the best terms and rates for our clients , our ability to provide hard bids and budgeting brings a sense of surety with our lenders.

Custom Floor Plans

As a client of GLCH you will have the opportunity to select to work from our many architects , engineers & designers to help you bring your dream home / project to life.
If you have a set of prints ready to go we will put boots on the ground to begin making your dream home / project a reality .


From concrete slab foundations to pier and beam we have the experience to guide you thru this very important structural phase as the saying goes “you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”

City of Houston Green Area

GLCH With City of Houston green building resources, discussing the items we have on display with the City of Houston for green building

City of Houston Green Area - GLCH With City of Houston green building resources, discussing the items we have on display with the City of Houston for green building

GLCH prides ourselves in being a green homebuilder it is the very essence of our company to blend energy saving methods and products with todays architecture and designs, not only do we have the knowledge to be able to lower your carbon footprint but here at GLCH we have hands on experience installing many of the green features you see in many modern homes, from tankless water heaters , open cell and closed cell foam geo-thermal heating and cooling ,sealed combustion furnace , high seer A/Cs,Solar Energy

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